CRISTA Smoky Tandoori Masala Spice Mix

Hey! Its me Smoky Tandoori Masala Spice Mix. CRISTA Tandoori Masala Spice Mix is must have proprietary spice blend of coarse, whole and ground premiumgrade spices. This kitchen essential blend of spices adds a smoky flavour to Indian recipes that hero around chicken, prawn, paneer, babycorn, mushroom, potato and even tofu preparations. Freshly machine ground using our sophisticated hammer crushers and micro pulverisers, the blend is mixed in an automatic GMP blender to achieve the desired balance and consistency.
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India’s First Clean Label Spice Brand

Shruti Ranka Kedia - Fashion Entrepreneur

Authentic and complex with the original International Peri-Peri flavour.

Paridhi Mittal Somani - Principal, Walsingham

Love the colour it imparts to my everyday food. The spices are so pure.

Darshini Jasani - Educator

Finally, a premium spice brand that has a large and relevant No Onion No Garlic seasonings selection. Excited to try their international seasonings.

Vartika Mehta - Dietician & Yoga Coach

CRISTA spices deliver quality and flavour in an authentic form. I have used various brands but I find CRISTA spices especially their Za’atar spice mix, Pav bhaji masala, Chole masala, and Garam masala are absolutely fresh and flavourful. Would highly recommend them.

Karishma Sakhrani - Chef, Social media influencer & Master chef India finalist

For a chef, nothing is more important than the quality of the ingredients. And the only spices in my spice box are by CRISTA. Cassia is my all-time favourite spice and CRISTA’s cassia powder is so aromatic and heady! All their other spices and spice mixes are pure, unadulterated, aromatic and full of goodness.

Rohina Anand Khira - Owner, AA Living

CRISTA Spices have been a real standout right from their aroma, taste and freshness. I was particularly floored by their Za’atar Spice Mix because its something so unique!

Aleesha Malhotra - Entrepreneur

The variety of their daily-use and speciality ranges pretty much covers your bases and the flavours are great. But most notably- it’s about knowing exactly where your spices come from and having no scope for adulteration. We find comfort in the trust and quality that CRISTA delivers and highly recommend trying them out!

Aditi Kothari - Director, Sales & Marketing

DSP chose CRISTA to be their partner for Diwali gifts. Their ideas, quality, and packing were fantastic, and we appreciated their service and response. All the recipients enjoyed their gifts, which were practical, useful, good-looking, and aromatic! Thank you CRISTA for all your service and for your lovely products.

Asha Khatau - Celebrated Indian Chef

I love the exotic mixture of CRISTA spices and the subtle flavours. The spices are so sensuous.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Spices up your chicken or paneer

This mix adds that zing to your tandoori chicken

Neeti chaudhary
Taste ??

Taste is so so so good 😊
Best in this price range

Shahvez Hussain

I am using this Tandoori masala spice mix in nonveg recipies and this spice give me smokey flavour.
I really enjoy it.

Teesha jain
Tandoori masala

Excellent on veggies, tofu and paneer. Love the glass bottle.

Really good flavour

Used it for tandoori veggies and it gave a smoky and deep flavour without any heartburn later.

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