Byadgi Chilli Powder

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Sourced from chilli farms in Byadgi, Karnataka, CRISTA Byadgi Chilli Powder is characterized by its orange-red appearance and high heat profile. The spice is freshly machine ground using our sophisticated hammer crushers and micro pulverizers to give you the perfect texture. Ideal for those who enjoy spicy food, this chilli variant has a heat value of approximately 25,000 SHU, which is perfect for adding heat and brightness to your food. Taste the purity, sense the difference!

Heat Profile : heat chilliheat chilliheat chilli

colour profile :


Net Weight : 100g

Notes : Without Added Colours, Fillers and Preservatives
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SKU: Byadgi-Chilli-Powder-100g
Health Benefits

Reduces heart rate

Prevents ulcers

Increases metabolism

Proven pain killer

Quality Control

Open the packet and empty the contents into an airtight container. Avoid using a wet spoon in the packet.

Tightly close the container immediately after use and return it to a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Under ideal conditions, ground spices will keep for 12 months.


CRISTA spices are authentic, unadulterated and full of flavour. The rich colour and strong aroma when you open the packet are a testament to the purity of our spices. Raw materials of the highest litre weight and grade are procured directly from farmers. Our purity ensures that a small pinch goes a long way.