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Sun-dried Green Peppercorns are also known as Black Peppercorns.

India contributes 70% of the world’s spice production.

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world because it has to be harvested by hand!

Saffron comes from the stigma of the crocus sativus, and each crocus contains only 3-5 stigmas. This means one hundred flowers are needed to produce only one gram of saffron!

Green Pepper Brine is derived from a new pepper crop for only a few weeks of the year! This is a signature CRISTA product.

Cardamom is the third-most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla.

Pure Cinnamon is also called true Cinnamon or Ceylon Cinnamon and is native to Sri Lanka.

Elihu Yale, a former governor of Chennai, amassed a fortune from the spice trade. He later founded Yale University in the United States of America with his profits without ever going back there to see the college.

White Pepper is more expensive than Black Pepper due to the higher labour costs associated with harvesting it.

Nutmeg trees actually produce two spices: Nutmeg and Mace. Nutmeg is the seed of the tree, while Mace is the lacy reddish covering on the Nutmeg seed. Their flavours are similar, but Mace is slightly more pungent.

Connecticut is often called ‘The Nutmeg State’.

White Peppercorns are considered a gourmet spice because the process of making them available involves the arduous task of removing the pericarp.

In 1955, 40% of the world’s Nutmeg was lost to a hurricane on the island of Grenada!

Ginger is another commonly used spice found in Indian food, and is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is used in Indian curries as a necessary ingredient. It is usually found in Indian kitchens and is used as a home remedy for treating common ailments like nausea, cold, influenza, menstrual cramps etc.

Nutmeg was once so exotic that the Dutch traded the entire island of Manhattan to the British for the islands that grew Nutmeg!

Harissa is a popular spice blend that isn’t just hot; it’s also flavourful and contains coriander, cumin and caraway.

Harissa is a condiment popular in North African cooking. It’s as common there as tabasco is in the United States.

Penang Cloves are the largest Cloves.

Green Cardamom seeds are actually brown in colour but are called Green Cardamom.

The word ‘Clove’ comes from the Latin name ‘clavus’, meaning nail. Cloves are, therefore, known as Black Roses.

The pink berries of Pink Peppercorns are native to Peru.

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